One Last Push - Take Action

Get your MP to become a Polio Champion. And end polio before the next election

We’re close, very close, to making polio history everywhere. Forever.

India is now polio-free. Nigeria has been taken off the polio-endemic list. And today, polio is on the run and exists only in pockets of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In fact, ending polio before the next election in 2020 is entirely possible.

By getting MPs to become Polio Champions, we can put pressure on the UK government to keep the promises it made to support the worldwide eradication of the disease.

Your MP could be a Polio Champion, but they need your support.

To turn them into one, just send this email.

The more MPs that become Polio Champions, the more their voice will be heard in parliament.

The louder their voices, the more likely the government will keep its commitment.

Which will make it all the more likely that polio will be gone by the next election.

Send this email now. On behalf of children everywhere.

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